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Space Shuttle Program Makes New Home in Clovis Unified

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 at 10:40 am

As of January 25, 2013, Clovis North Educational Center (CNEC) will be the permanent home of a rare collection of authentic NASA artifacts, including items from the Space Shuttle program.

In the fall of 2009, NASA and the federal General Services Administration announced that with the phasing out of the Space Shuttle program, artifacts related to the program would be made available to public institutions for educational purposes. Clovis North social sciences teacher Cliff Nitschke immediately recognized a unique learning opportunity to generate interest in science and engineering in Central Valley students.

Following three-and-a-half years of effort, Nitschke’s dream of housing a part of the NASA Space Shuttle Program in Clovis Unified became a reality. Nitschke and CNEC have received the first of two deliveries of nearly $4 million worth of Space Shuttle artificates.

With funding from a grant from the Foundation for Clovis Schools, Nitschke was able to pay to have the donated artificats packed and shippped to CNEC. The artifacts will now be housed in a classroom where students can study their origins and use in the NASA program. Nitschke’s goal is to create a museum-like atmosphere to the classroom as a fitting way to display these unique pieces of Ameria’s history. In addition, the room will feature a space Research Center, complete with books, videos and multimedia presentations, all with information on space exploration and science.


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