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Foundation Awards More Than $126,000 in Classroom Grants

Friday, September 4th, 2015 at 2:59 pm

Each spring teachers and administrators throughout Clovis Unified are invited to apply for a competitive application process to receive grant awards ranging from $500 – $10,000. The grants selected for funding this year were notable for their innovation as well as their presentation of a well-defined unmet need in a school community.

Mike Fennacy, chairperson for the Foundation for Clovis Schools comments, “The Foundation Board of Directors works tirelessly throughout the year to raise funds for grants and scholarships to benefit teachers and students in Clovis Unified. The dedication of the Foundation Directors paired with the generosity of the community provides opportunities that would not otherwise exist. The 2015 grants will be a catalyst for change in schools and classrooms that will make a lasting difference in the lives of students. “

This year, more than 45 applications were received and 21 grants were funded, infusing $126,435 into Clovis Unified classrooms.  The Classroom and School Grant program has been funded by the Foundation for Clovis Schools for more than 30 years, and seeks to provide Clovis Unified teachers with the opportunity to introduce unique classroom resources and innovative instructional strategies that would otherwise be unavailable to students. The funding for the Classroom and School Grant program is made available by the generous donations of businesses, community members and Clovis Unified employee. Clovis Unified students will benefit from these grant awards this year as they will be implemented during the 2015-2016 school year. The awardees are as follows:

Buchanan High – “Computerized Sensors and Probeware for the Science Lab” Electronic sensors allow high school science students to generate, compare and analyze data. ($9,879.46)

Bud Rank Elementary – “Digital Texts for the Core; Bridging the Gap with Guided Reading” Enables elementary students to access complex texts and gain experience in digital literacy. ($9,447.83)

Clovis East High – “The Write to be College-Ready” A partnership with Clovis Community College to offer a course in Rhetoric and Composition to better prepare students for college level writing. ($6,500.00)

Clovis East & Reyburn Intermediate – “Increasing the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Ceramics Program” A machine to recycle clay waste will reduce the budgeted amount of materials needed throughout the school year and a kiln to fire projects in a more timely manner. ($9,772.00)

Clovis Elementary – “A Voice for Everyone” iPads will serve approximately 10 severely disabled students ages 3 – 6 in visual engagement and communication skills. ($3,886.74)

Clovis High – “Probing, The Future of Science” Enables high school students to expand their use of science technology and carry out more in-depth course study including pH meters, blood pressure, motion detectors and heat probes. ($9,924.85)

Cole Elementary – “iPads for Innovative Individualized Instruction” Enables individualized instruction for first grade students to increase reading proficiency. ($4,581.43)

Community Day School – “Math Intervention Tools” Adding the use of calculators in the math labs to facilitate conceptual learning in algebra and other computation exercises. ($519.16)

Freedom Elementary and Reagan Elementary – “Construction Zone: Capacity Building Ahead” Instructional Rounds for teachers to build teaching and leadership capacity and promote improved instructional strategies. ($4,830.00)

Garfield Elementary – “3rd Grade STEM” Resources to engage students in a variety of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math activities to promote both abstract and intuitive thinking to acquire learning to the next level. ($4,927.07)

Kastner Elementary – “M.I.N.D. Mathematics Intervention and Numbers Development” Provides an intervention period during the scheduled school day for low performing math students. ($9,989.27)

Liberty Elementary – “Getting Involved with Learning in Room 17” A Finger-Touch Interactive Projector that increases exposure of how to obtain useful information in learning. ($2,911.34)

Liberty – “iPad Literacy Centers in the Kindergarten Classroom” Individualized Phonics instruction to build foundation skills, accelerate learning and promote literacy. ($4,859.53)

Maple Creek Elementary – “SMART Boards for Smart Kindergarteners” Will enable students to interact and engage with daily curriculum. ($7,010.70)

Miramonte Elementary – “Skills for Learning Empathy, Emotion Management & Problem Solving” Curriculum kits in kindergarten classrooms that foster collaborative relationships and problem solving. ($1,640.69)

Mountain View Elementary – “Literature Novel Studies” The addition of a supplemental novel in 6th grade to engage students more effectively in writing, language, speaking and listening. ($2,264.39)

Mountain View – “Golden Bear Tech Lab” Creation of a Technology Lab to facilitate whole, small group and individual technology based learning. ($9,763.00)

Reagan Elementary – “21st Century Learning” To increase student learning through daily digital interaction. ($2,716.69)

Reyburn – “Livescribe Pens” Converts handwritten and audio notes into digital format to make lessons more readily available for students to review or to catch up on missed material. ($1464.87)

Temperance-Kutner Elementary – “Super Savvy Second Grade re-Searchers” Students will research, write and publish original works while developing media skills and vocabulary. ($9,979.29)

Temperance-Kutner – “Classroom Computers” Targeted interventions for English Language Learner (ELL) students with reading comprehension deficiencies. ($9,566.72)

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