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Learn More About Us

Learn More About Us

A question many in the community ask . . . Why a district-wide foundation?

One of Clovis Unified’s greatest challenges is informing the general public that we are not a rich school district. Because people see our new, beautiful facilities, there is a perception that the district is “wealthy” and that our schools have all the resources they need.

This perception has grown because we have been blessed with a community that has passed bond measures to provide first-class campuses and classrooms. However, these bond funds must be used only for building and renovating schools and cannot be used for materials, equipment, hiring teachers and other operating expenses. Some of us like to say “we are facilities rich but operations poor.”

Revenue Received Per Student

Average for other districts in Fresno County$8,389*
Clovis Unified School District$7,086*

The Difference($1,303)
Clovis Unified received $1,303 less per student

If revenue had been equal Clovis Unified schools
would have received an additional

$48.1 million

The Foundation is here to “Invest in our Kids”

Every day, our schools do more with less. The Foundation is here to fill some very critical funding gaps.

Data: Fresno County CADIE 10-11 School Services of CA (most recent data available)

*ADA based on students in attendance each day. Revenue includes federal and state sources, less special education funding.

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Foundation for Clovis Schools
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