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Foundation Awards More Than $126,000 in Classroom Grants

Friday, September 4th, 2015 at 2:59 pm

Each spring teachers and administrators throughout Clovis Unified are invited to apply for a competitive application process to receive grant awards ranging from $500 – $10,000. The grants selected for funding this year were notable for their innovation as well as their presentation of a well-defined unmet need in a school community.

Mike Fennacy, chairperson for the Foundation for Clovis Schools comments, “The Foundation Board of Directors works tirelessly throughout the year to raise funds for grants and scholarships to benefit teachers and students in Clovis Unified. The dedication of the Foundation Directors paired with the generosity of the community provides opportunities that would not otherwise exist. The 2015 grants will be a catalyst for change in schools and classrooms that will make a lasting difference in the lives of students. “

This year, more than 45 applications were received and 21 grants were funded, infusing $126,435 into Clovis Unified classrooms.  The Classroom and School Grant program has been funded by the Foundation for Clovis Schools for more than 30 years, and seeks to provide Clovis Unified teachers with the opportunity to introduce unique classroom resources and innovative instructional strategies that would otherwise be unavailable to students. The funding for the Classroom and School Grant program is made available by the generous donations of businesses, community members and Clovis Unified employee. Clovis Unified students will benefit from these grant awards this year as they will be implemented during the 2015-2016 school year. The awardees are as follows:

Buchanan High – “Computerized Sensors and Probeware for the Science Lab” Electronic sensors allow high school science students to generate, compare and analyze data. ($9,879.46)

Bud Rank Elementary – “Digital Texts for the Core; Bridging the Gap with Guided Reading” Enables elementary students to access complex texts and gain experience in digital literacy. ($9,447.83)

Clovis East High – “The Write to be College-Ready” A partnership with Clovis Community College to offer a course in Rhetoric and Composition to better prepare students for college level writing. ($6,500.00)

Clovis East & Reyburn Intermediate – “Increasing the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Ceramics Program” A machine to recycle clay waste will reduce the budgeted amount of materials needed throughout the school year and a kiln to fire projects in a more timely manner. ($9,772.00)

Clovis Elementary – “A Voice for Everyone” iPads will serve approximately 10 severely disabled students ages 3 – 6 in visual engagement and communication skills. ($3,886.74)

Clovis High – “Probing, The Future of Science” Enables high school students to expand their use of science technology and carry out more in-depth course study including pH meters, blood pressure, motion detectors and heat probes. ($9,924.85)

Cole Elementary – “iPads for Innovative Individualized Instruction” Enables individualized instruction for first grade students to increase reading proficiency. ($4,581.43)

Community Day School – “Math Intervention Tools” Adding the use of calculators in the math labs to facilitate conceptual learning in algebra and other computation exercises. ($519.16)

Freedom Elementary and Reagan Elementary – “Construction Zone: Capacity Building Ahead” Instructional Rounds for teachers to build teaching and leadership capacity and promote improved instructional strategies. ($4,830.00)

Garfield Elementary – “3rd Grade STEM” Resources to engage students in a variety of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math activities to promote both abstract and intuitive thinking to acquire learning to the next level. ($4,927.07)

Kastner Elementary – “M.I.N.D. Mathematics Intervention and Numbers Development” Provides an intervention period during the scheduled school day for low performing math students. ($9,989.27)

Liberty Elementary – “Getting Involved with Learning in Room 17” A Finger-Touch Interactive Projector that increases exposure of how to obtain useful information in learning. ($2,911.34)

Liberty – “iPad Literacy Centers in the Kindergarten Classroom” Individualized Phonics instruction to build foundation skills, accelerate learning and promote literacy. ($4,859.53)

Maple Creek Elementary – “SMART Boards for Smart Kindergarteners” Will enable students to interact and engage with daily curriculum. ($7,010.70)

Miramonte Elementary – “Skills for Learning Empathy, Emotion Management & Problem Solving” Curriculum kits in kindergarten classrooms that foster collaborative relationships and problem solving. ($1,640.69)

Mountain View Elementary – “Literature Novel Studies” The addition of a supplemental novel in 6th grade to engage students more effectively in writing, language, speaking and listening. ($2,264.39)

Mountain View – “Golden Bear Tech Lab” Creation of a Technology Lab to facilitate whole, small group and individual technology based learning. ($9,763.00)

Reagan Elementary – “21st Century Learning” To increase student learning through daily digital interaction. ($2,716.69)

Reyburn – “Livescribe Pens” Converts handwritten and audio notes into digital format to make lessons more readily available for students to review or to catch up on missed material. ($1464.87)

Temperance-Kutner Elementary – “Super Savvy Second Grade re-Searchers” Students will research, write and publish original works while developing media skills and vocabulary. ($9,979.29)

Temperance-Kutner – “Classroom Computers” Targeted interventions for English Language Learner (ELL) students with reading comprehension deficiencies. ($9,566.72)

$104,000 in Classroom Grants Awarded

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 at 3:15 pm

The Foundation for Clovis Schools is proud to announce the following 2014-2015 Classroom Grant Awardees.  The grants selected for funding were notable for their innovation and/or in their presentation of a well-defined unmet need in a school community.

This year, more than 70 applications requesting funding were received and 21 grants were funded, infusing more than $104,000 into Clovis Unified Classrooms.  While the Foundation Directors would love to fund every request made in the Classroom Grant program, funds are simply not available to do so.  The Classroom Grant program has been funded by the Foundation for Clovis Schools for more than 30 years, and seeks to provide Clovis Unified teachers with the opportunity to fund unique classroom resources and/or attempt innovative new instructional strategies that would otherwise be unavailable to students.  Thank you to our many employee and community donors for making these grants possible!

School Site Project Title Amount Funded
Buchanan High School Audio Recording and Editing Work Station

Synopsis: Technology to train students in the art and technique of live and studio recording/editing.  Enables the incorporation of digital recording into the curriculum. 

Bud Rank Elementary Computers for the Classroom

Synopsis: Computers will enhance 2nd grade classrooms and enable more AR testing access, allow interaction with curriculum through a new medium, and encourage increased proficiency in computer skills to prepare for testing in 3rd grade. 

Clovis East High – Special Education/Physical Education Total Access for All (Adapted PE, Regular PE, Modified PE and Specially Designed PE)

Synopsis: Through the purchase of Life Fitness Machines, ALL students, regardless of physical ability level, will have equal access to participate and increase proficiency in physical education. 

Clovis East High School/Reyburn Intermediate CEHS Science Computer Lab

Synopsis: Technology updates and repairs to keep the 40 station lab fully functional for 7th – 12th graders.  The initial lab was funded by the Foundation in 2008.  

Clovis High School Using Probeware in Science

Synopsis: Equipment will be used by environmental studies and chemistry courses to increase inquiry-based learning.  The students will analyze the quality and chemical composition of air, water and soil, among other reaction changes.  

Clovis High School Growing a Greener World Phase 2

Synopsis: A partner project between the CTE construction program and the science department.  Construction students will plan and construct planters, benches and potting tables while science students will plant, nurture and grow fruits, vegetables and flowers. 

Clovis Hybrid Autism Program (CHAPS)/Century Elementary STP (Social-Toys-Play)

Synopsis: Will foster quality peer and social interactions through the use of toys that facilitate and repeat play for early-childhood students with autism. 

Copper Hills Elementary Notebook Task Binders

Synopsis: Binders that hold short task activities in reading/language arts, math, science, social studies and problem solving/decision making to assist students in 4th – 6th grade special education students to work independently and increase their level of understanding in the topic areas.

Fancher Creek Elementary Bridge to Success

Synopsis: The development of Learning Centers to help Transitional Kindergarten students develop language, number, phonetic awareness, alphabet concepts and oral language skills in order to become more successful in learning. 

Liberty Elementary iLearn through iPads

Synopsis: Allows classroom teacher to customize lessons based on the students learning style and needs.  Each student has a folder of unique apps to match specific skills they are working to master such as phonics or math. 




Mountain View Elementary Hand in Hand Learning

Synopsis: Through the use of hand held tablets, students will engage in learning applications to reinforce and build skills in reading, phonics and math.

Mountain View Elementary Junior Boot Camp

Synopsis: Will infuse technology and digital fluency standards for kindergarten – 1st graders through the applications of phonics instruction and practice, math fluency, composing and drafting short stories and basic computer awareness. 

Pinedale Elementary First Grade Foundation with Multisensory Learning: Touch Math & Phonics Dance

Synopsis: Through the Touch Math and Phonics Dance programs, the goal is for all first grade students to pass their math facts and add/subtract within 20, to master the alphabet letters, sounds, blends, vowel pairs and word families. 

Reagan Elementary Moby Max

Synopsis: An online supplemental curriculum that supports all students in reaching their grade level expectations in ELA and Math. Augments teacher lesson planning, provides online support and a library of supplemental resources, as well as assessment tools to track progress and to identify specific goals for each child.    

Reyburn Intermediate Science World Magazine: Improve reading, writing and comprehension

Synopsis: The purchase of a monthly subscription allows students in grades 6 – 10 to be able to read and analyze scientific texts with the subject areas of biology, chemistry, physics and earth science.  Enhances the students’ ability to write a non-fiction piece based on fact, rather than opinion. 

Reyburn Intermediate Proscale Digital Balances

Synopsis: A set of scales to enhance student learning through labs that cannot be taught with the triple beam balance.  These scales are more technologically current and increase the number of experiments and labs students can participate in. 

Reyburn Intermediate Microscopy and Sensors: Gaining Technology Skills and More

Synopsis: Through microscopy seventh grade students will benefit by first-hand imagery of cells in animals and plants. Sensors give students real life data to enhance laboratory write-ups and procedures.

Sierra Vista Elementary Keyboarding Without Tears

Synopsis: A comprehensive program for k-6 students to prepare students for digital proficiency in the areas of keyboarding, computer readiness and digital literacy.

 Sierra Vista Elementary  Texts for All Students

Synopsis: Increases the number of informational texts in the school in order to increase background knowledge and academic vocabulary of students, increase application and comprehension of content, and increase awareness of writing structure.

Tarpey Elementary Flipping Math, Instruction

Synopsis: Lap-top computers to be available to students in 4th grade math without home computer access to review web-based curriculum content at home.  This allows the teacher to reinforce and correct during the skill application time in the classroom. 

Valley Oak Elementary Technology

Synopsis: iPads for the Special Day Preschool/Kindergarten classroom used to improve social and academic skills, receptive and expressive language skills and increase independence in students on the autism spectrum. 

  Total Grants Funded 104,154.58

“A New Year, A New Home, A New Dream!” The Foundation for Clovis Schools to benefit from Granville’s 2014 “Home of Hope,” drawing on June 11

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 at 9:51 am

Since 2006, Granville Homes, along with the help of trade partners, donates materials, supplies and labor to build a beautiful new home.  Tickets are sold for $100 each for a chance to win the home with all proceeds from ticket sales going to eight local non-profits.  This year, the Foundation for Clovis Schools, has been given the unique opportunity to receive 100% of the proceeds from our direct ticket sales in addition to the monies that will be given to all eight non-profits from sales made through Granville Home of Hope events.

This year, the new single story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is located in Granville’s Copper River Ranch in Northeast Fresno, located within Clovis Unified School District.  The home is located at 11325 North Blue Sage Avenue.

The Foundation for Clovis Schools is privileged to be one of the beneficiaries of Granville’s 2014 Home of Hope.  Granville and the Foundation have designated the funds for the “Students of Promise” scholarship program.  This program recognizes high school juniors who have faced challenges in their personal lives, but have persevered to attend school and complete their education.  Students are awarded $1,500 scholarships for use in post-secondary education.

To purchase tickets for the Home of Hope, call the Foundation for Clovis Schools at (559) 327-9093 or Christine Lingenfelter at (559) 321-4444.  The grand prize drawing will take place on June 11, 2014 at the Granville Copper River Ranch location.

2014 Students of Promise Announced

Thursday, February 6th, 2014 at 4:18 pm

The Foundation for Clovis Schools is proud to announce the following 2014 Students of Promise. These high school juniors are shining examples of young people who are persevering in the face of challenges, and putting a priority on their education. Students selected for recognition are eligible to receive a $1,500 scholarship for use in post-secondary education upon graduation.  Congratulations to these amazing young people!

The Students of Promise recognition dinner will be held Wednesday, March 19 at Copper River Country Club, 2140 East Clubhouse Drive, Fresno.  Reservations are $40 per person or $400 for a table of 10.  For additional information or to make a reservation contact Brenda Hofmann at 559-327-9093 or by email at or check back in the days ahead to purchase online.

2014 Students of Promise Recipients 

Buchanan High School: Emily Reynolds, Bailey Matney, Emmanuel Akande

Clovis High School: Tanner Trutna, Jarrod Diaz, Nate Diboll, Corrissa Barron

Clovis West High School: Kali Denney,Ashlee Evans

Gateway High School: Juan Torres, Alleyne Johnson, Ashanti Turner

Clovis East High School: Santiago Lopez, Mai Neng Vang, Marina Martinez

Clovis North High School: Anna Xiong, John “Tyler” Heflebower

Announcing the Winners of the 2014 Health and Fitness Grants

Thursday, February 6th, 2014 at 3:55 pm

This year, The Foundation for Clovis Schools offered sites and department the opportunity to submit applications for grants focus on improving student health and fitness.  This expansion of the Foundation’s annual classroom mini-grant program provided an additional $30,000to Clovis Unified schools through a competitive grant process.  Foundation Directors are pleased to announce the following grant winners in this program made possible through the support of Kaiser Permanente of Fresno.

School Site

Project Title





Clovis East High School

Food Science Laboratory and Research Equipment; Processing Equipment

The equipment will be used to educate students in the evaluation of food and food processing techniques for their economic feasibility and nutritional value. 

Clovis East High School

Food Science Laboratory and Research Equipment; Packaging and Research Development

To create packaged fruit and vegetable products to eventually be available to CUSD food services. 

Clovis West Elementary Feeder Schools: Ft. Washington, Liberty, Nelson, Valley Oak,   Pinedale

Core Balance and Fitness via Cross Age tutoring

To introduce and promote athletic developmental skills to 1st-3rd grade students as a way to increase participation in fitness, athletic and   lifelong health related activities that improve cardiovascular fitness

District-wide Visually Impaired Students

Archery for Visually Impaired Athletes

In conjunction with Break the Barriers, this innovative archery program will assist visually impaired students become more physically active and self-disciplined. 

Nelson Elementary

Body Builders

A fun learning environment to encourage at risk students to adopt healthy lifestyles through nutrition education, physical fitness activities and the creation of a community garden

Nelson Elementary

Pentathlon Competition and Intramural program

An   athletic competition for 3rd-6th graders that requires students to run obstacle courses and then work as a team to identify categories and nutritional values of food items. 

Temperance-Kutner Elementary

T-K Trojan Fitness and Fun Club

The   creation of a Trojan Fitness Club with student/youth ready fitness equipment designed to work on a major portion of the body.

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