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Occasionally, the Foundation receives a surprise donation that can only be described as “Heaven-sent.” Roxie Varadian, a math teacher and librarian for 36 years at Clovis High School, passed away in 2004. It was a tremendous surprise to learn that Ms.Varadian had included the Foundation in her will with a $100,000 donation. Ms. Varadian never married and lived a frugal, quiet, unassuming life rarely going far from her simple home near Old Town Clovis. But she never forgot her beloved Clovis High School and those who gave her a chance to begin her teaching career in 1940. You see, in those days, it was difficult for a person of Armenian heritage to secure a teaching position. But, Clovis Unified saw her talent and passion and gave her the chance to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. Ms Varadian’s donation established a scholarship fund for Clovis High students who are college-bound and need a helping hand to continue their education.

What is a charitable bequest?

A charitable bequest is simply a distribution from your estate to a charitable organization through your last will and testament. Charitable bequests are legacies left to an organization or cause that come from the value of an estate. They are made by designating a specific dollar amount, a particular asset (land, stocks, life insurance, etc.) or a fixed percentage of your estate.

Why make a bequest?

Maybe you or your child was shown extraordinary care and attention by a beloved teacher. Maybe your life, or your child’s life, was changed for the better by a co-curricular or athletic program at a Clovis school. Or, maybe you want future generations of children to have the same educational opportunities that Clovis students have had in the past. Whatever the reason, making a charitable bequest to the Foundation for Clovis Schools will help secure the future of the children in our schools.

I have children and relatives. Shouldn’t I leave my entire estate to them?

This is perhaps the number one cause for reluctance when making a bequest. The truth is that, depending on the current tax laws, leaving a gift to charity in your will may reduce the estate tax burden on your heirs significantly.

How will you be remembered?

Your decision to make a charitable bequest is a personal statement about what you care about and who you are. A bequest to the Foundation for Clovis Schools can provide important opportunities to countless children, help you achieve your financial goals and leave a lasting legacy of generosity.

Note: You should consult with a financial advisor or attorney to learn how making a charitable bequest or other planned donations may actually benefit your family after you are gone.

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