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2022 Classroom and School Grant Information

In 2022, grant proposals are being accepted for projects in the following categories: Social/Emotional Wellness; Civic and Character Education- Patriot's Grant; and General/Other Classroom and School Projects.
Social/Emotional Wellness –  Social/Emotional Wellness grants seek to provide resources to fund strategies or programs designed to support emotional and social wellness efforts that fall outside the traditional instructional model. These programs may support student, classroom or community social and emotional wellness. Funded with the help of generous community partners.

General/Other Classroom and School Projects – Projects that are not related to the above categories may apply in the General/Other Classroom and School Projects category. This category funds innovative and/or unique projects that fall outside of the traditional instructional model and are not related to the above categories. Applications should include applicable research and data to support assumed outcomes. Grant outcomes must have some form of measurable performance indicators. Grants may be submitted in three categories up to: $2,500, $5,000, and $10,000. Grants will be awarded in each funding category.

The Classroom and School Grant Proposal window will close Monday, June 6, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. The Foundation for Clovis Schools will announce grant winners in late June.

Apply for a 2022 Foundation for Clovis Schools Classroom Grant  
All employees are eligible to submit an application(s) individually or as a team (i.e. grade level, subject specific OR multi-site). This is a competitive, district-wide application process to ensure the highest quality projects are funded. The Foundation is looking for projects that:
  • Are unique and innovative
  • Address a specific need related to student learning or well-being
  • Have clear, measurable goals
  • Enhance the educational experience for students
Please read carefully: 
  1. Your completed application must submitted through the online form at https://www.cusd.com/classroomschoolgrants.aspx. Applications submitted by email or hard copy WILL NOT be accepted.   
  2. The application has two parts: a) grant narrative and b) budget template. Note: It is recommended that you download your documents using Google Chrome.
  3. Principals or department leaders are not required to submit the application on your behalf, however, you are still required to seek approval and to list the name of the principal, site or department leader who approved your project.  
  4. Incomplete applications or those received after the Monday, June 6, 5 p.m. deadline will not be considered for funding.  
  5. An identical grant for the same project should not be submitted year-to-year.  
  6. On-going personnel costs will not be funded. 
  7. Materials and equipment purchased with grant funds belong to Clovis Unified and to the school to which the grant is awarded. The Foundation Executive Committee will make a final determination in areas of question. 
  8. The Foundation office will place orders for all materials/equipment in July. It is anticipated that materials/equipment will be received by the schools/programs in August or September.  
  9. Occasionally, The Foundation will request information from grant awardees on progress toward achieving goals outlined in grant applications; or invite a recipient to present to the Foundation Directors an update on their grant award. 
Late submissions will not be accepted. Grant awards will be announced at the end of June. Please visit https://www.cusd.com/classroomschoolgrants.aspx for more information and to download and complete the grant application and attachments.

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