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Each year, the Foundation invites teachers and schools across the district to submit proposals for innovative projects that enhance learning in a creative and motivational way. The program is a competitive process which ensures that the highest quality projects are funded.  These opportunities wouldn’t be possible without the support and generosity of donors.  

Applications are accepted for projects costing up to $10,000. Foundation Directors are assisted by District curriculum experts to determine which projects will have the greatest potential to improve educational experiences of students in a positive and unique way.

To date nearly $1 million has been awarded through the classroom and school grant program.  These funds have helped teachers increase the effectiveness of student learning.  Projects have included the creation of a school garden to make science come alive, technology to give a voice to severely disabled students and athletic gear to enable students in Title I schools to participate in co-curricular activities.  
If you would like to help provide resources to give our children unique educational opportunities, please consider sponsorship of a classroom grant at the $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000 level.

2021 Classroom and School Grant Information

In 2021, grant proposals were accepted for projects in the following categories: Social/Emotional Wellness; General/Other Classroom and School Projects.
Social/Emotional Wellness –  Social/Emotional Wellness grants seek to provide resources to fund strategies or programs designed to support emotional and social wellness efforts that fall outside the traditional instructional model. These programs may support student, classroom or community social and emotional wellness. Funded with the help of generous community partners.

General/Other Classroom and School Projects – Projects that are not related to the above categories may apply in the General/Other Classroom and School Projects category. This category funds innovative and/or unique projects that fall outside of the traditional instructional model and are not related to the above categories. Applications should include applicable research and data to support assumed outcomes. Grant outcomes must have some form of measurable performance indicators. Grants may be submitted in three categories up to: $2,500, $5,000, and $10,000. Grants will be awarded in each funding category.

The Classroom and School Grant Proposal window closed Friday, June 4, 2021. The Foundation for Clovis Schools will accept grant proposals again in May 2022.

Important dates for the 2021 grant cycle:
Friday, May 7, 2021: Application window opens
Friday, June 4, 2021 at 5 p.m.: Deadline to apply
Late June 2021: Recipients announced
Fall 2021: Grant supplies begin to arrive to awardees

Steps for applying for a Foundation for Clovis Schools grant:
1. Download to your hard drive, complete, and save 2021 Grant Application Pt 1 - Narrative.pdf. (Must download and complete in Adobe Acrobat. Do NOT complete in an internet browser window as it will not save properly.)
2. Download to your hard drive, complete, and save 2021 Grant Application Pt 2 - Budget.pdf. (Must download and complete in Adobe Acrobat. Do NOT complete in an internet browser window as it will not save properly.)
3. Create Amazon Wish List and save as a PDF, if grant request includes items to be ordered from Amazon.
4. Include any quotes or estimates from vendors as attachments.
5. Click here to upload your completed documents into the online portal no later than Friday, June 4, at 5 p.m.

Questions? Contact [email protected].

June 2021 Classroom and School Grant Awards 

The Foundation for Clovis Schools is pleased to announce the funding of 18 classroom grants for Clovis Unified educators. The grants, totaling $130,000, were awarded in the Social Emotional Wellness and General Classroom/School Projects categories, to schools and programs across the District.

Emotional Wellness Category
K-12 sties with Educationally Related Mental Health Services

Digital Sandtray - Provides a powerful portable and engaging therapeutic tool to increase social emotional skills in students receiving educationally-related mental health services.
Granite Ridge Intermediate/Clovis North High

Hope Squad Mental Health Suicide Prevention Program - Implements Hope Squad, a program focused on increasing mental wellness and connecting students with each other and mental health resources, at CNEC. The Hope Squad program reduces youth suicide through education, training, and peer intervention.
Reyburn Intermediate/Clovis East High

Adapted PE Peer Tutoring - Provides students enrolled in Unified PE the ability to develop leadership skills and to learn to work with special populations in a sports style setting. Also provides inclusion opportunities for students with disabilities.
Tarpey Elementary

Flexible Seating to Promote Social Emotional Development - Provides flexible seating to promote social emotional development through autonomy, engagement, self-regulation, and physical movement for students in special education.

General Classroom and School Projects Category
Boris Elementary
Library Makerspace, Agricultural and CTE Projects - Provides opportunity for reading, writing and critical thinking development in K-6 students through hands-on STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) based projects.
Buchanan High
Technology to Support Student Creativity, Equity, and Mastery - Expands technology within the English Department at Buchanan High to provide additional assessment options for students of various backgrounds and abilities in order for them to show content mastery based on their individual learning strengths.
Buchanan High
Using Vernier Technology to Enhance NGSS Education and Lab Experiences in our Science Classes - Engages science students at Buchanan High School in inquiry-based, data-driven, and NGSS-centered lab activities and investigations using advanced data-collecting sensors and technology from Vernier.
Buchanan High
Instructional Aide Technology - Provides computers for instructional aides so they can support students in the classroom, in Google Classrooms, and provide timely feedback to Special Education case managers.
Clark Intermediate/Clovis High
Google Draw Technology - Provides Google draw technology and digital art resources to the Art department at Clark Intermediate and Clovis High.
Gateway High and all Elementary Sites
Gateway Bicycle Building Community Project - Funds a project at Gateway that connects students with community by assembling one bicycle for each CUSD elementary school.
Jefferson Elementary
Transforming Math Mindset at Jefferson Elementary - Promotes positive mindset, creativity, and growth in math instruction for 5th graders by supplementing traditional methods with tools that facilitate active engagement through kinesthetic and collaborative learning.
Lincoln Elementary
Learning for Lions - Helps increase literacy of TK-2 students by continuing to build lending library with multicultural books.
Miramonte Elementary
Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention Kits - Supports 1st through 3rd grade struggling readers by providing leveled, sequential intervention.
PS/Elementary Sites w SPED Program
SPOT Vision Screener for PS-6 SPED Students - Provides a SPOT vision screener to quickly and easily detect vision issues for students in Special Education programs.
Red Bank Elementary
STEM Bins: Building Minds for the Future - Provides boxes filled with a variety of engineering manipulatives and task cards to inspire students to engineer and problem solve.
Red Bank Elementary
Hands-on Minds-on Next Generation Science - Provides a hands-on learning experience with the Next Generation Science Standards for fourth grade students by using current experiments, models, and activities.
Reyburn Intermediate/Clovis East High
Precision Agriculture-Expanding WiFi to the McFarlane-Coffman Ag Center - Provides the McFarlane-Coffman Ag center the most current technologies available, and teaches students the concept of Precision Agriculture.
Reyburn Intermediate/Clovis East High
Discovery of Science iPads - Supports REC Science department by providing iPads to help students master Next Generation Science standards while completing labs, practicing state assessment questions, and researching new scientific discoveries.



Please note, RTF files are provided for users with visual impairments. Please use and complete the PDF files unless you are a user with a visual impairment.
Please note, RTF files are provided for users with visual impairments. Please use and complete the PDF files unless you are a user with a visual impairment.
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