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Each year, the Foundation invites teachers and schools across the district to submit proposals for innovative projects that enhance learning in a creative and motivational way. The program is a competitive process which ensures that the highest quality projects are funded.  These opportunities wouldn’t be possible without the support and generosity of donors.  

Applications are accepted for projects costing up to $10,000. Foundation Directors are assisted by District curriculum experts to determine which projects will have the greatest potential to improve educational experiences of students in a positive and unique way.

To date nearly $1 million has been awarded through the classroom and school grant program.  These funds have helped teachers increase the effectiveness of student learning.  Projects have included the creation of a school garden to make science come alive, technology to give a voice to severely disabled students and athletic gear to enable students in Title I schools to participate in co-curricular activities.  
If you would like to help provide resources to give our children unique educational opportunities, please consider sponsorship of a classroom grant at the $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000 level.

Classroom and School Grant Information

This year, grant proposals were accepted for projects in the following categories: Social/Emotional Wellness; Patriots Character and Civic Education, General/Other Classroom and School Projects.
Social/Emotional Wellness –  Social/Emotional Wellness grants seek to provide resources to fund strategies or programs designed to support emotional and social wellness efforts that fall outside the traditional instructional model. These programs may support student, classroom or community social and emotional wellness. Funded with the help of generous community partners.

Patriots Character and Civic Education – The Patriots Grant promotes educational programs that support the development of citizenship, knowledge of the history of the local community, patriotism and civic pride, and ethical values as a basis of good character. Funded in partnership with the Clovis Veterans Memorial District.

General/Other Classroom and School Projects – Projects that are not related to the above categories may apply in the General/Other Classroom and School Projects category. This category funds innovative and/or unique projects that fall outside of the traditional instructional model and are not related to the above categories. Applications should include applicable research and data to support assumed outcomes. Grant outcomes must have some form of measurable performance indicators. Grants may be submitted in three categories up to: $2,500, $5,000, and $10,000. Grants will be awarded in each funding category.

The Classroom and School Grant Proposal window will again open in May 2021, with applications due to the Foundation for Clovis Schools no later than Friday, June 4, 2021.

October 2020 Classroom and School Grant Awards 

The Foundation for Clovis Schools is pleased to announce the funding of 26 classroom grants for Clovis Unified educators. The grants, totaling $151,000, were awarded in the Social Emotional Wellness and General Classroom/School Projects categories, to schools and programs across the District. Patriots and Civic education grant awards (funded in partnership with Clovis Veterans Memorial District) will be announced in the coming months.

Emotional Wellness Category
All Comprehensive High Schools

KNOW MORE Club - Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention - Provides domestic violence and dating violence education and intervention to teens. The program utilizes drama, music, real life situations, and statistics of abuse in teenage relationships to demonstrate how serious this problem is in our community and in the world.
Alta Sierra Intermediate

Connecting Our Students and Community Through Creative Video Productions - Provides Alta Sierra Broadcasting students with technology needed to allow for opportunities to express themselves, connect with peers, and connect with the community.
Clovis Community Day

CCDS Focus Fix - Provides at-risk students with strategies to release negative energy through isolated aerobic activity-based Cooling Stations, which will promote positive physical movement.
Clovis Community Day

Project SMART - Provides a school-based mentoring relationship for at-risk 4th through 8th grade students thereby improving academic achievement and interpersonal relationships, and reducing levels of juvenile delinquency. Grant funds support fingerprinting of mentors, fieldtrips and support of other mentor/mentee activities.
Clovis High
Clovis High Collaborative Mentoring Art Class Cricut Maker - Provides a Cricut Maker for the Collaborative Mentoring Art course at Clovis West so that students may learn to create items including paper crafts, iron ons, vinyl decals, leather crafts and more.
Cole Elementary

Social Emotional Learning A Priority During COVID-19 - Implements specialized emotional wellness curriculum for Cole Elementary first graders. Includes the purchase of 12 readers/songs, lessons, and positive reinforcements for all first graders, addressing social emotional needs.

General Classroom and School Projects Category
All elementary schools
Literacy Resource Library - This project expands the Campus Club Kindergarten Literacy program by providing materials such as high-quality picture books, chapter books and educational materials that support shared reading, writing and language skill acquisition, in support of classroom instruction.
All high schools and Community Education
PAC Virtual Ensemble Editing Computer - Provides a high-tech computer with advanced editing software to allow performing arts students to participate in Virtual Ensemble performances during online instruction, distance learning, and beyond.
Alta Sierra Intermediate
Foundations in Personal Finance - Provides curriculum to teach financial principles to students enrolled in Teen Living and special education math courses. Students will learn valuable skills including ways to pay cash for their first car, tips on graduating from college debt-free, the importance of giving in generous and meaningful ways, and more.
Alta Sierra Intermediate and Buchanan High
NoRedInk Premium - Provides English and AB classes with full access to engaging, flexible and comprehensive writing and grammar curriculum lessons on noredink.com, allowing students to work toward mastery.
Bud Rank Elementary
Short Throw Projector - Provides a short throw projector for Bud Rank Elementary Room 12, so that students may more easily view visual lessons.
Clovis High and Clovis West High
Museum Visit for AP Art History Students - Provides charter bus rental for AP Art History students to visit Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, CA. Allows for the cours to meet the College Board requirement that AP Art History students see works of art and architecture in person.
Clovis North High
New Technology Will Help Take the Distance Out of Distance Learning - Provides new technology, including a drawing tablet and accessories to assist in teaching chemistry to students.
Clovis West High
New and Improved Show - Provides short throw projectors for the World Languages department to improve utilization of available seating space in portable classrooms.
Clovis West High
Implementing the Sport of Tchoukball to Our P.E. Curriculum - Introduces the fast, no-contact game of Tchoukball into Clovis West High PE curriculum. The sport emphasizes strategy and validates important PE principles.
Fugman, Riverview, Mountain View, and Bud Rank
3D Print Technology and Special Education: Building Language and Community - Provides 3D print technology to provide students with visual impairments with customized tools to build learning concepts and increase independence/mobility. 
Gateway High
21st Century Learning Environment - Provides seating for an innovative learning environment designed to improve student engagement for alternative education students at Gateway High School.
Granite Ridge Intermediate and Clovis North High
Gas Kiln at Clovis North - Enhances the Ceramics Program at Clovis North by providing a gas kiln, making it possible to conduct a wider range of firings and allowing for larger ceramics projects.
Janet L. Young Elementary
Robots for YES AutoPilots - Provides students at Young Elementary with the materials needed to learn and practice 21st century skills through engineering and computer programming with Lego Mindstorm EV3 Robotic sets.
Jefferson Elementary
STEM Garden - Establishes a garden at Jefferson Elementary, which will facilitate STEM learning.
Kastner Intermediate
Kastner Kan Jam - Introduces a new recreational sport, Kan Jam, into the physical education curriculum at Kastner Intermediate to enhance students' knowledge of lifelong fitness activities.
Reyburn Intermediate
Short Throw 6,000 Lumen Projector and Indoor/Outdoor Screen - Allows the Reyburn Intermediate visual and performing arts performances and sporting events to be viewed by families on a large outdoor screen, giving our families the opportunity to see their children perform/compete even while social distanced. The projector and screen will also be used for various school activities such as movie nights and will remove the need to rent a projector from a vendor.
Reyburn Intermediate and Clovis East High
Precision Agriculture-GPS/Laser Controlled Scraper - This grant provides materials, supplies and technology to design and fabricate a scraper for use in the open row crop areas of the McFarlane Coffman Ag Center. The scraper, hydraulics and laser system -- to be designed and built by students in Agriculture ROP Welding & Fabrication courses -- will utilize hydraulics, GPS and lasers to level and manipulate the surface shape and land.
Sierra Outdoor School
Accessible Astronomy - Provides an accessible star lab experience for CUSD 6th grade students who are differently abled. This would replace an older star dome that requires students to enter by crawling on their hands and knees through a tube.
SPED Preschool Program
Spot Vision Screener for Early Intervention Students Assessed for SPED Preschool - Provides a spot vision screener to detect detect vision issues in 2 1/2 to 4-year-old children who are being assessed for special education preschools.
Weldon Elementary
Diversify Your Mind With a Rainbow of Books - Provides Weldon students with a variety of books and resources in order to broaden their knowledge of cultures, backgrounds and languages.

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