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Each year, the Foundation invites teachers and schools across the district to submit proposals for innovative projects that enhance learning in a creative and motivational way. The program is a competitive process which ensures that the highest quality projects are funded.  These opportunities wouldn’t be possible without the support and generosity of donors.  

Applications are accepted for projects costing up to $10,000. Foundation Directors are assisted by District curriculum experts to determine which projects will have the greatest potential to improve educational experiences of students in a positive and unique way.

To date, nearly $2 million has been awarded through the classroom and school grant program.  These funds have helped teachers increase the effectiveness of student learning.  Projects have included the creation of a school garden to make science come alive, technology to give a voice to severely disabled students and athletic gear to enable students in Title I schools to participate in co-curricular activities.  


If you would like to help provide resources to give our children unique educational opportunities, please consider sponsorship of a classroom grant at the $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000 level.

If you are a Clovis Unified educator and would like to apply for a Foundation for Clovis Schools grant, please click below for instructions and guidelines on how to apply. 

The 2024 application window is open from Friday, May 3 through Monday, June 10 at 5:00 p.m.

June 2023 Classroom and School Grant Awards

The Foundation for Clovis Schools is pleased to announce the funding of 26 classroom grants for Clovis Unified educators. The grants, totaling nearly $180,000, were awarded in the Social Emotional Wellness and General Classroom/School Projects categories, to schools and programs across the District.

Social/Emotional Wellness Category
Alta Sierra Intermediate

Drug Free 2023 - Provides resources and materials to partner with Drug Free Clubs of America to educate and reduce/prevent substance abuse, and create connection and belonging for students who choose to be drug and alcohol free.
Clark Intermediate

Adapted PE Peer Tutoring - Inclusive PE - Provides equipment to create an inclusive environment where students with special needs have opportunities to improve motor development, sport skills, and socialization  as they are paired with general education tutors that are developing leadership and coaching skills.
Clovis Elementary
Strengthening the Brain-Body Connection Through Facilitated Sensory-Motor Integration and Interoception Activities - Provides tools that strengthen the brain-body connection and teach regulation techniques through daily patterned, rhythmic, and relational sensory-motor integration activities.
Clovis High and Clovis High Area Schools
Clovis High Area Chess Wellness Initiative - Provides resources and opportunities to K-12 students to learn and play chess, compete in local tournaments, develop social and emotional skills, and build lasting relationships.
Clovis High

Cougar Country Enrichment Through Gymnastics - Creates unique enrichment opportunities through gymnastics equipment for schools to engage PE and after-school program students to learn spatial awareness, foster cognitive development, improve self-regulation skills and build confidence.
Clovis North High and Granite Ridge Intermediate

Substance Abuse Prevention - Resources and materials to partner with Drug Free Clubs of America to educate and reduce/prevent substance abuse, and create connection and belonging for students who choose to be drug and alcohol free.
Garfield Elementary

Book Vending Machine - Promotes positive behaviors and literacy by implementing a "ROAR Coin" reward system which is redeemable at the book vending machine.

General Classroom and School Projects Category
Clovis East High
Enhancing Kinesthetic Learning In Anatomy and Physiology - Arm & leg models for hands-on learning to help students enrolled in anatomy and physiology classes learn the anatomical location of muscles, nerves, arteries and veins in the upper and lower limbs.
Clovis High
Building a Stronger Future for High School Aquatics - Improves safety and health of student athletes by providing shade covers, feeding supplies and a replacement refrigerator.
Clovis High
Increasing Use of Probeware in Honors and AP Science Classes - Increases & updates collection of Vernier probes to enhance students' understanding of scientific concepts, develop critical thinking and data analysis skills, and prepare for advanced and college-level programs.
Clovis North High
Women Engaged in Engineering:  A hands-on approach to empowering High School girls in STEM - Resources to recruit, train and inspire girls interested in STEM in a team-building environment through hands-on skills training and robotics competition.
Clovis West High
Biology Forensics Project - DNA electrophoresis and PCR technology equipment for students in Biology, Honors Biology, and AP Biology classes to conduct DNA investigations in class.
Clovis West High

Clovis West Anatomy Models and Tools - Anatomical models of multiple areas of the human body to help teach anatomy and physiology students anatomical relationships, structures and function.
Clovis West High
Equal Physical Fitness Opportunity for All Students - Provides Core P.E. students and collaborative mentoring special education students physical fitness training equipment traditionally dedicated to athletic training.
Copper Hills/Clovis North Area Elementary Schools

Enhance Learning Through Virtual Reality in the Elementary Classroom - Supplies and integrates Virtual Reality technology into elementary schools, offering students immersive and interactive learning experiences to enhance their education.
Cortical Visual Impairment Training - Provides Special Education teams with training on Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) and deeper insights into assessment and intervention to best meet the needs of individuals with CVI.
Spot Vision Screener for PALS Preschool (Program for the Acquisition of Language and Social Skills) - Equips PALS program with a diagnostic device that will quickly detect vision issues in 3-6 year old students with autism.
Freedom Elementary
Enhance Play-Based Learning through Sensory Equipment and Toys - Educational sensory equipment to implement a designated sensory room for SDC preschoolers to help promote language, motivate learning, and develop cognitive skills and self-regulatory abilities.
Fugman/Clovis North Area Elementary Schools

Science of Reading Resources - Provides new, improved, multi-sensory resources to support all Clovis North Area TK - 2nd grade students in learning to read with a focus on using Science of Reading instructional practices.
Garfield Elementary
Literacy Training and Materials to Support Students with Dyslexia - Provides teacher training in morphology, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension, and classroom materials to support student learning.
Gateway High
Cell Phone Lockers - Provides secure cell phone storage for students while in class, creating a more distraction-free learning environment for students, and a practical and enforceable strategy for teachers to remove the distraction of cell phones.
Kastner Intermediate
Jazz Band Mic'd Up - Enables the Jazz Band ensemble to perform in a variety of venues at school and across the community with mobile sound equipment.
Liberty Elementary
The Power of Decodable Readers - Equips first-grade classrooms with books that help students learn to decode words and improve phonics skills, ehance reading fluency, increase vocabulary and comprehension, and foster a love for reading.
Red Bank Elementary
Sensory Storytime - Creates a more inclusive culture by supplying books and materials in the library to meet the sensory needs of students with autism.
Sierra Outdoor School
Hiking in the Snow - Access to warm winter boots for all Clovis Unified 6th graders who attend outdoor classes and go on hikes at Sierra Outdoor School in all weather conditions, including snow.

Patriots Grant Category
CA20131 AFJROTC Color Guard Flags - Provides a full set of military service flags and bases representing all service branches to be used at ceremonies across the district and throughout the community at events such as military signing days, Wreaths Across America, and 9/11 remembrances.

Check out these videos from MedWatch Today featuring several Social Emotional Wellness grants funded by the Foundation in partnership with generous community partners:

Clovis Unified School District: Be the best you can be in mind, body, and spirit
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