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Each year, the Foundation invites teachers and schools across the district to submit proposals for innovative projects that enhance learning in a creative and motivational way. The program is a competitive process which ensures that the highest quality projects are funded.  These opportunities wouldn’t be possible without the support and generosity of donors.  

Applications are accepted for projects costing up to $10,000. Foundation Directors are assisted by District curriculum experts to determine which projects will have the greatest potential to improve educational experiences of students in a positive and unique way.

To date, nearly $2 million has been awarded through the classroom and school grant program.  These funds have helped teachers increase the effectiveness of student learning.  Projects have included the creation of a school garden to make science come alive, technology to give a voice to severely disabled students and athletic gear to enable students in Title I schools to participate in co-curricular activities.  


If you would like to help provide resources to give our children unique educational opportunities, please consider sponsorship of a classroom grant at the $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000 level.



If you are a Clovis Unified educator and would like to apply for a Foundation for Clovis Schools grant, please click below for instructions and guidelines on how to apply. 

The 2023 application window is open from Friday, May 5 through Monday, June 12 at 5:00 p.m.

June 2022 Classroom and School Grant Awards

The Foundation for Clovis Schools is pleased to announce the funding of 33 classroom grants for Clovis Unified educators. The grants, totaling over $200,000, were awarded in the Social Emotional Wellness and General Classroom/School Projects categories, to schools and programs across the District.

Social/Emotional Wellness Category
Clovis Elementary

Student Book Publishing Project to Benefit Our Community - Support a school-wide literacy and creative writing project that will take place over the course of the school year. Students and teachers will coordinate on a published creative writing project that will result in a children's book available through a national retail chain.
Clovis Elementary

STEM Bins to Increase Engagement and Inclusion - Resources to provide academic engagement opportunities for students with social, emotional and/or behavioral disorders by implementing  hands-on STEM activities differentiated by grade level.
Clovis North Educational Center
Macy's Parade Travel Enrichment Package - Support high school band and colorguard students representing the larger community at a national event and increase exposure to professional level experiences for students.
Clovis Community Day School (CCDS)
Mind, Body, and Spirit: The Clovis Way - Fitness equipment for at risk students to promote positive behaviors and improve physical and mental health.
Dry Creek Elementary
Breathe for Change - Certification training to allow additional instruction for teachers and students around movement and mindfulness designed to reduce behavior problems, stress, and increase emotional intelligence and physical health.
Liberty Elementary
Social Emotional Collaborative Learning - Resources and materials to create collaborative learning "electives" for students that enrich learning, create opportunities for collaborative work, and build confidence.
Tarpey Elementary
Promoting Literacy and Positive Behaviors Using a Book Vending Machine at a Title I School - Creating a book vending machine program within the school's PBIS system to promote positive behavior and increase access to books at home.

General Classroom and School Projects Category
Alta Sierra Intermediate
Advanced Vocabulary Development - Web-based program to increase advanced vocabulary development 
Boris Elementary
BOLD 3D Maker Lab - Equip a 3D printing lab to provide students with 21st century technical skills to innovate and problem solve, create personalized behavior intervention tools, and support students in learning.
Century Elementary
Leveled Readers for Kids Who Love to Read - Provide leveled reading books for classroom teachers that support small group study appropriate to individual learners' abilities and promote literacy.
Clovis Adult Education
Developing Creativity in Lifelong Learners - Art and art history curriculum for a new class offering at the Clovis Adult School. This will provide resources to begin an art class needed for graduation requirements of students attending the school to achieve their high school diploma.  The class will also collaborate with students in special education and adult transitions programs.
Clovis Community Day School (CCDS)
CCDS Math Department Intervention Tools Grant - Advanced calculators for at-risk students to use in math classes to provide additional strategies for understanding math concepts in academics and in real life.
Clovis East High
Timber Blossom Floral Walk in Cooler - Equipment for the floral design CTE program that allows students to learn all aspects of running a floral design business and expand professional opportunities available to those enrolled in the class.
Clovis East High
Wolfpack Fuel Station - Equipment and supplies needed for a student nutrition start up in the Timberwolf athletic program. Resources to store, prepare and serve high quality, high nutrition hydration and snack options to student athletes working toward peak performance is provided in this grant.
Clovis High
Fine Art for Students - Resources and supplies for a specialized workspace in the art classroom to allow students to create large-scale art requiring more technically complex media on a professional scale.
Clovis West High
Collaboration Classroom - Collaboration equipment to support a new peer counseling and AP Biology classsroom to promote collaborative in-class learning and student interaction. 
Clovis West High
AP Art History Field Trip - AP Art History students' meet College Board requirement for experiencing actual works of art and architecture at the Norton Simon Museum in Southern California.
Clovis West High
Flexible Seating in the Intervention Classroom - Classroom equipment providing flexible seating options for students enrolled in intervention programs serving academically at-risk students.
Clovis West High
eGlass for a Superb Class - eGlass technology tools provide an innovative resource to allow teachers to interact with students in the classroom even while facing a white board or other part of the educational environment. 
Clovis Community Day School (CCDS)
Forging the Future - Equipment to engage high risk students in standards-based lessons and career technical skills using a Glowforge. 
Fort Washington Elementary
Family "FUN"-demental PLAY - Kindergarten classroom resources to create a dramatic play and literacy center that promotes imaginative play to develop awareness of emotions and social interactions.
Freedom Elementary
Reading Simplified: Accelerating Student Achievement through Phonics-Based Instruction - Provide the Reading Simplified program supplying teachers in PLCs with a research-based professional development and instructional strategy system to differentiate and improve reading instruction for students.
Gateway High
Increase Physical Education Curricular Activity Offerings - Provide equipment for lifestyle PE units to strengthen development, increase physical fitness, and manage stress.
Gateway High
Gateway Bike Project - Provide opportunities for at risk students to apply classroom learning to collaborate on building bicycles. The bicycles are then provided to students at local elementary schools to promote positive behavior.
Kastner Intermediate
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Tchouk! - Athletic equipment to introduce students to an inclusive team sport that improves student self-confidence, cooperation and fitness levels.
Liberty/Clovis West Area Elementary Schools
Robots and Computer Programming in the Elementary Classroom - Robots and technology for use in Clovis Area schools to introduce students to coding and programming skills, STEM lessons, and encourage creative problem solving among K-6 students.
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Library Lions - Purchase of leveled reading resources for preschool - 6th grade students to increase the availability of standards-aligned, curriculum supportive titles that engage and interest a diverse student population.
Reagan Educational Center
Access to Digital Modeling to Address NGSS Performance Expectations in Chemistry and Physics - Technology for science classes to allow students to engage in high quality digital modeling of NGSS standards, interact with curriculum, and collaborate.
Reagan Elementary
Reagan Library Technology Project - Computer devices for the library will help implement an advanced reader program to encourage high performing readers to continue to develop literacy skills by matching appropriate reading material with the reader.
Reyburn Intermediate
Reyburn Soundboks System - Flexible sound equipment to be used during student clubs and activities to encourage participation and promote school spirit.
Woods Elementary
Dash Robots for Elementary Advancement in 21st Century Learning - Robots for K-6 students to use at five elementary schools to develop early understanding of computer programming, STEM, and other standards-based learning objectives.
Young Elementary
YES Mobile STEAM Carts - STEAM mobile carts equipped with engaging learning activities for use in K-6 classrooms will allow for inquiry and exploration experiences.
Young Elementary
Destination Imagination 3D Printer and Supplies - A 3D printer and supplies will be used by the school's Destination Imagination team to create competitive entries and encourage creativity and problem solving skills.

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